PhD defense

On Friday 11 September 2020, I defended my PhD-thesis: “Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling: The Power of the Prior” cum laude.

Dutch Stan meetup

stan_logo_nlTogether with Uri Shimron, I am organizing the Dutch Stan meetup. Stan is a flexible probabilistic programming language that can be used for full and approximate Bayesian inference, as well as penalized maximum likelihood estimation. 

The Dutch Stan meetup is an event aimed at bringing together Stan users in the Netherlands, from both academia and the industry.

Past meetups.

General information.

Talks are aimed at people already familiar with Stan, however, everyone interested in Stan is welcome to attend. If you have not used Stan before, it might be helpful to familiarise yourself with its basics. A lot of information (including installation) can be found on the Stan website. An introduction to Stan with PyStan can be found here and an introduction to Stan with Rstan can be found here.